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Building a Sustainable Future

Strengthening Agriculture for Improved Food Security and Resilience to Climate Change in Mauritius

Innovative solutions to tackle climate change and food insecurity through sustainable agriculture

About DeSIRA

In 2018, the European Commission launched the “Development Smart Innovation through Research in Agriculture” (DeSIRA) initiative, which aims at enhancing and accelerating innovation for agriculture and rural transformation while putting and emphasis on climate relevant actions.
In the framework of the DeSIRA initiative, the University of Mauritius submitted a project proposal entitled “Supporting Sustainable Agriculture for improved Food Security and Safety in the Republic of Mauritius” to the European Commission and it was accepted. The main objective of the project led by the University of Mauritius is to strengthen the capacity of its Faculty of Agriculture in research and training to promote sustainable agriculture for improved food security in response to climate change. The overall impact of the project will result in better equipped research facilities at the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Mauritius and innovative technologies for climate smart agriculture for Mauritius.

Our work progress

Take a peek on our development

Work Package 1

Biotechnology for
Pest and Disease Detection and Characterisation

Enhanced capacity for molecular characterisation pest and disease in Mauritius and Rodrigues.

Work Package 2

Advancement of Climate Smart Agricultural Technologies

A package of climate-smart technologies for agriculture in Mauritius and Rodrigues will be developed.

Work Package 3

Enhancing Food Safety, Food Waste Reduction and Food Innovation

Enhanced capacity in food safety, innovation and food waste management for improved food and nutrition security.

Work Package 4

Developing a sustainable and inclusive value-chain for smallholder dairy farmers in Mauritius

How far can we improve our self-sufficiency for the consumption of fresh dairy milk and dairy milk added products?

Work Package 5

Curriculum development for Rodrigues

Capacity of agricultural officers in Rodrigues will be strengthened.

Latest News

Workshop on food waste Nov 2023

This workshop is on reducing FLFW

Latest Research on Pest in Mauritius

The Faculty of Agriculture has developed a latest molecular marker for the identification of Plutella xylostella affecting cruciferous crops.

Anti-waste fair at the Quatre-Bornes Municipality

The Minister of Environment, Kavy Ramano, and the Mayor of Quatre-Bornes, Dooshiant Ramluckun, inaugurated the anti-waste fair at the Quatre-Bornes

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