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Work Package 5

Curriculum development and implementation of a Top-up programme in Agricultural Science and Technology for Rodrigues

Work Package 5

Empowering Agricultural Cadres in Rodrigues through a Tailor-Made BSc (Hons) AgricScience and Technology Programme

Mr K. Boodhoo

Strengthening Capacity of Agricultural Officers in Rodrigues 2023

In Rodrigues, agriculture is vital for food security but faces climate risks. FoA enhances Commission for Agriculture staff with an Agricultural Science and Technology degree, bolstering climate-resilient farming. The project covers 25% of costs, the rest from Rodrigues Regional Assembly.
This package empowers smallholders in a climate-smart dairy chain, focusing on a model farm at AgriTECH Park, University of Mauritius. It addresses dairy sector research, sustainable practices, and youth engagement. Aligns with DeSIRA’s goals: food security, quality milk, entrepreneurship, and sustainability. Supports government and private sector visions of food security, local product promotion, and youth engagement. Replicating model farms modernizes agriculture with climate-smart tech, aligning with government and university aims.

Brief information on the context and objectives of the programme

  • Context: The socio-economic changes in Rodrigues have led to an increased demand for high-quality agricultural produce using modern technology. However, the risk of biosecurity threats is also increasing, and good agricultural practices are necessary to prevent hazards that can damage the overall economy. Hence, this programme of study is a tailor-made one that aims to enhance the agricultural cadres of Rodrigues who have already a Diploma in Agriculture and/or allied subjects. It has been mounted in collaboration with the Commission for Agriculture, Rodrigues Regional Assembly (RRA)


  • Objectives: The main objectives is to empower the human capital in Rodrigues through agricultural education for improved resilience to climate change. with a broad spectrum of scientific, technical, extension and managerial skills needed to meet the new challenges facing the agricultural sector in Rodrigues. This will also be key to the sustainability of the actions. It will equip graduates with skills and knowledge to design sustainable crop and livestock production solutions, manage biosecurity risks, and apply agribusiness management techniques. Students will also develop transferable skills necessary for employment.


Overview of the BSc (Hons) AgricScience and Technology (Top Up) programme for Rodrigues

  • The main modules covered in this program include sustainable pest, disease, and weed management; sustainable fruit and nursery stock production; sustainable animal production; agribusiness enterprise development; food safety management and post-harvest technology; animal health management and biosecurity; sheltered farming and soilless culture; agri-food value chain analysis; irrigation systems; statistical methods and scientific communication; work ethics and culture. The program also includes a project component. The modules aim to equip graduates with the skills and knowledge necessary to design sustainable solutions and manage risks in the agricultural sector, as well as develop transferable skills necessary for employment.

Contact Information

Contact information for the programme coordinators, Assoc. Prof. D.Puchooa, Dean of Faculty of Agriculture, [email protected] and Mr. K.Boodhoo, [email protected]. Head of Department of Agricultural Production and Systems, Faculty of Agriculture.


New Rodrigues Programme

Design of the Programme of Study in collaboration with the Rodrigues Regional Assembly (RRA)


Approval of New Programme

Approval of the Programme of Study by the University of Mauritius Senate in 2019 after the approval by the Faculty Board of the Faculty of Agriculture


RRA Approval

Approval of the Programme of Study by the RRA in November 2021

November 2021

17 Agricultural Cadres of the Commission for Agriculture have expressed interest to follow the Top- Up Programme


Draft of MoU Prepared

Draft Memorandum of Understanding has been prepared in Jan 2022 (Awaiting Clearance from RRA)

January 2022

The course will be run on a blended mode on a part-time basis over 2 years, and is due to start in June 2023

June 2023

Output of WP5

Aim: To empower the human capital in Rodrigues through agricultural education for improved resilience to climate change.

Scope: Rodrigues’ agriculture is vulnerable to climate change. Enhancing the capacity of Agricultural Officers in Rodrigues through training is a stepping stone to support the farming community in Rodrigues to build climate resilience in agriculture. Therefore, the FoA will develop and run a programme to give the opportunity to staff who currently have a Diploma in Agriculture or related subjects to upgrade to a Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Science and Technology.


5.1.1 Develop a Top-up Agricultural Science and Technology programme designed for Rodrigues;

5.1.2 Run the programme for the staff of the Commission of Agriculture, Rodrigues Regional Assembly

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