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Anti-waste fair at the Quatre-Bornes Municipality

The Minister of Environment, Kavy Ramano, and the Mayor of Quatre-Bornes, Dooshiant Ramluckun, inaugurated the anti-waste fair at the Quatre-Bornes municipality on 14 Oct 2023.

The fair highlighted the importance of circular economy and it included several stands that show how many materials that would have been thrown away can be recycled into useful products. 

Assoc Profs D Goburdhun and A. Ruggoo, and Ms G.Hazaaresing a first year student in Food Science and Technology, at the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Mauritius, was present to sensitize the public about the importance of reducing food loss and waste. The stand was visited by many people and the team provided valuable information to the public. The recipe book on the valorization of leftover fruits and vegetables was also presented.